We have made it a priority to listen to Journey's users' feedback and have been spending time to improve the various tools on the platform.

In light of making your journaling and reflection processes as seamless and as convenient as possible, we are excited to let you in on our latest feature on the app; plugins!

From being able to add audio, photo and video attachments to your journals, to being able to highlight and change the color of your text, and even track your health and fitness journey alongside your journaling and self-care, these plugins make various tools and extensions more accessible and easy to use.

What are Plugins?

Plugins are software extensions or additions that allow users to customize programs, applications, and their web browsers. They are add-ons that make the user experience more seamless and accessible, and make way for you to experience apps or interfaces in multiple ways. Plugins can cover various tools, such as editing, customizing, exporting, sharing and so on. They can also encompass multi-media tools images, sound, videos, and animation capabilities.

Plugins on Journey

The possibilities are now endless with the current, and continuously expanding range of, plugins on Journey. From being able to track your health with Apple Health, to being able to look back at your stories from a year ago, and accessing your own personal coach programs for guidance, explore the various tools that can serve your self-care journey.

Various plugins are available on Journey to make your journaling more convenient
Various plugins are available on Journey to make your journaling more convenient.

The plugins that are currently available include the following :

Location and Places

While making journal entries, Journey automatically retrieves your location to help you keep track of your memories. With this plugin, you can add easily geotags by changing or searching for nearby place and street names, rename the place without altering the latitude and longitude, or remove geotags and location metadata stored in the entry.

Media Attachment

This media attachment plugin makes it possible for your journal entries to support photo, video, and audio attachments.


With this Throwback plugin, view your past stories on Journey and look back at your memories. You can view your stories and entries from a year or several years ago whenever you'd like.

Apple Health

Use this plugin to take charge of your health and fitness with Journey. Begin your fitness journey, or continue to track and maintain a fitness journal with Apple Health on Journey by retrieving recent workout sessions, within the past 3 days, via this plugin.


With this Statistics plugin, you can track your logging frequency by reviewing the overall statistics of your journal entries over the past few months. You get to compare how often you've created journal entries across two years, through a 6-month time period.

Sentiments and Mood Tracker

Use this plugin to state the how you've been by record how you were feeling while journaling on the day you log in a journal entry.

You can pick from the following options, and your Sentiment icon will also change according to your pick:

  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Neutral
  • Sad
  • Down
  • None

Coach programs

Use this plugin as a personal step-by-step guide to journaling. Journey Coach is a curated journaling guide to help you get started on journaling or to help you through your already on-going reflection. The various coach programs here have daily and weekly journaling prompts about a specific topic to help you along.


Record what you were doing while journaling by using this plugin to state the nature of the activity you have been engaging in most of the day.

You can pick from the following options, and your Activity icon will change according to what you pick: Stationary, Eating, Walking, Running, Cycling, Driving, or None


With this plugin, you can include information about the weather of the day you wrote your journal entry and record information about your environment.

Face and Touch ID

The Face and Touch ID provides you with security and privacy when it comes to your private journals and reflections.

Before enabling this on Journey, set up a 4-digit numeric passcode and you're ready to go.


Secure your journal entries using the Passcode plugin. By installing a 4-digit numeric code of your choice, your journals can be kept safe and private.

Android Biometrics

Aligned with making sure that your privacy is assured, the Android Biometrics plugin allows you to enable fingerprint and facial recognition security for your journals.


Organize your thoughts in your journal entries with clear and concise tables and insert tables anywhere you'd like.

Text Color

Customize your journal entries and make them personal to you and your liking by changing the color of your text.

You can change both the font color and the background color with this plugin with the help of the color spectrum and sliders available.

Highlight Text Color

Highlight important points in your journal entries by highlighting your text.

Task List

Tasks lists can help you prioritize your daily schedule and get ahead of your responsibilities easily. Add tasks lists to your entries to better organize your journal entries.


With the Zapier plugin and membership feature, can setup automated zap recipes and trigger actions and connect Journey to third-party services.

E-mail Reminders

This plugin allows you to receive a daily reminder and an inspirational quote in your email inbox to help you along your journaling and mindfulness journey. Choose what time you would like to receive the daily e-mails by setting your preferred time as well, and you will receive an email at this time every day.

You can also configure the recipient's email address in the "E-mail Address" field.

Write with E-mail

This plugin allows you to create journal entries conveniently with your e-mail anywhere, anytime.

Export to PDF

Share or print your journal entries outside of Journey by exporting it as a PDF with this plugin.

Export to DOCX

Share or save your work in DOCX format and export it for easy viewing, sharing, or printing.

Google Drive

The Google Drive plugin allows you to work with the popular cloud service and sync documents across devices without leaving Journey. Create, edit, delete, rename, copy and paste files in the cloud with this plugin easily.

Word/Character counter

Use this plugin to have an overview of the word and character counts of your journal entries in real-time. Keep track of the length of your journals by viewing these statistics at the bottom ride of your journal entry as you write.


Publish your journal entries to Ghost as drafts or published posts within the app and add titles to your blog posts easily with the Ghost plugin.


The Wordpress plugin allows you to publish your writing to Wordpress as drafts or published posts within the app itself. Publish your journals or Markdown documents to the platform, upload your work as drafts or publish it right away, and headings if you'd like.


The Tumblr plugin allows you to publish whatever you’ve written to Tumblr as drafts or published posts within the app itself. Publish your writing and Markdown documents to Tumblr, upload your work as drafts or publish to blog, and headings if you'd like to.

We hope that the plugins give you more access to the various tools that we have to offer with a lot more ease and clarity, and that they will help you along your self-care journey wherever on it you may be right now. Your self-care and mindfulness journey with Journey can be made all the more convenient no matter time or place!

Sending love!