For many of us, work is a major part of our lives. It's where we spend most of our time and meet new people, but it can also be a major source of stress and anxiety.

Don't get us wrong; small and healthy amounts of stress can help motivate you to do more and do better at work. However, too much stress leads to loss of concentration, drop in productivity and motivation and burnout in the workplace.

On the flipside, mentally healthy and happy workers tend to be more productive, more effective and more likely to stay.

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That is why, as employers and team leaders, it's crucial to address the mental wellbeing of your workers and to start caring for them as valued individuals rather than simply cogs in a machine.

So this 2022, it's time to make a change. With Journey for Work, you can provide your team with the tools necessary to improve productivity, get organized and get mentally healthy from the inside out!

How you can use Journey to support workplace wellness

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We've always known journaling as a relaxing, self-care act usually done at the start or end of the day to relieve stress. But did you know that journaling can be a useful tool for stress and time management at the workplace as well?

Here's how Journey can play a key role in benefitting the mental wellness and their productivity of your team!

1. Alleviate stress and anxiety

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Running into obstacles at work is inevitable. Difficult clients, challenging projects, stressful meetings... these are all things that can pile stress onto your employees. When that happens, it's important that they have an outlet for these emotions and worries.

A digital journal can be just that place for that! Journey can be the place for them to write down those thoughts and feelings that they may not feel comfortable sharing with their colleagues.

It may just seem like a simple act of writing things down, but journaling can truly lift your burdens off your shoulders and give you strength to solve the problems that are plaguing you.

2. A private and secure space

When it comes to journaling and venting your feelings, privacy is of utmost importance! Help your employees feel safe to spill their worries in private with Journey's multiple security features in place.

With Journey, your employees can set a passcode, Apple Face ID, Apple Touch ID or Android Biometric to keep prying eyes away from their most private thoughts.

Journey has security features to keep your employees' private thoughts private
Journey has security features to keep your employees' private thoughts private

3. Continuous self-improvement

Life and work is a continuous journey of self-improvement. But self-improvement isn't just about picking up new skills – it's also about getting to know yourself and becoming a better person everyday!

With Journey, your employees can gain access to over 50 Journey Coach programs. These are daily prompt programs that your team can enroll in and answer everyday.

With programs such as "Unpacking Procrastination", "Accepting Yourself 100%", "Manifesting Your Goals" and more, your employees will learn how to enrich themselves in both their personal and professional lives!

Employees can enroll in Journey Coach programs for self-improvement
Employees can enroll in Journey Coach programs for self-improvement

4. Sharpen employee focus & raise productivity

That's right, journaling isn't all about self-care and mental wellness. It can also be a tool for your employees to become more organized, focus and productive workers!

Journey can become your team's work diary, where they can reflect on their professional life. A work diary is used to set workplace goals and milestones, outline achievements, reflect on any feedback received and so on.

This allows them to streamline their work day and get more done. Just as being mentally healthy can improve productivity, improving productivity can also make your employees feel happier and more accomplished.

5. A key organizational tool

New tasks, emails, meetings and responsibilities... your average worker has much on their plate to juggle everyday. By providing your team with a tool to get their day and work organized, you can ensure that their time and energy goes more into getting quality work done rather than sorting through their assignments!

Journey will give your employees the tools necessary to get their day into order. For example, they will be able to create checklists and to-do lists, and organize important deadlines and events on Journey Calendar.

Create to-do lists and get organized with Journey for Work
Create to-do lists and get organized with Journey for Work

Start Your Workplace Wellness Journey Today

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Share Journey with your team using Journey for Work! Similar to Journey Gift Cards, you will be able to send your team members a redemption link for their own Journey membership!

It's quick, easy and fuss-free – as it should be when it comes to supporting workplace wellness.

Let 2022 be the year you and your team thrive at work! Get Journey for your team today.