The relationship you have with yourself is just as important as any other relationship you'll have with anyone else. In the same way, you'd work on your friendship or relationship you have with your partner.

The bond you have with yourself requires work.

It requires time, understanding, forgiveness and love. When I'm alone, that's what I really get to find out how I feel about myself. There's no other person in the room to drive out any underlying insecurities or another voice talking over my moment of celebration.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

I'm with my own thoughts, truths and opinions, which is why I've realized how important it is to value my time alone. Here are the 50 blissful things that you can do when you are alone:

  1. Meditate - Sit, be still
  2. Make a list of how you want to feel
  3. Spend a day at a museum or art gallery
  4. Keep a morning/evening journal
  5. Go for a walk in the park
  6. Go to farmer's market
  7. Make popcorn and watch Netflix
  8. Start your own vegetable patch/herb garden
  9. See a film at cinema
  10. Start a gratitude journal
  11. Declutter your home
  12. Find you life's purpose through Ikigai
  13. Visit the florist and pick out a bunch of flowers
  14. Create a calming space in your home
  15. Donate your old books & clothes to charity
  16. Paint, draw, sketch and write
  17. Rearrange your wardrobe
  18. Go out for a long Sunday brunch
  19. Sign up for a course
  20. Read a new book
  21. Travel or do a day trip
  22. Catch up on all your favourite blog posts
  23. Give yourself a mini retreat weekend
  24. Do a juice cleanse for the day
  25. Do a face mask
  26. Journal & declare your dreams
  27. Light a candle
  28. Take a relaxing hot bath
  29. Make an Acai bowl, topped with fruit, yoghurt & superfoods
  30. Send a handwritten card to a friend
  31. Go to a gig and dance like crazy!
  32. Sip a cup of tea/coffee and look out the window
  33. Star gazing in an open field
  34. Wake up early to see the sunrise
  35. Take a photo to depict each hour in your day
  36. Give yourself a manicure
  37. Go to the park and picnic
  38. Go somewhere else in the city
  39. Create new Spotify playlists
  40. Go grocery ship at organic stores
  41. Sleep, doze or power nap as much as you need to
  42. Go for a jog/walk by the beach
  43. Give an old chest or drawers some fresh paint
  44. Do a juice cleanse for the day
  45. Create a vision board and bring your vision to life
  46. Try a new workout
  47. Get a full body massage
  48. Change into your coziest pyjamas
  49. Treat yourself to a spa day
  50. Download Journey and start a journal

Not sure how to get started? Try out the 30 day happiness challenge. Record your thoughts and reflections in Journey.

30 Day Happiness Challenge