Most of us (if not all of us) will have struggled with self doubt at some point in our lives. You may even be struggling with it right now! And to a certain extent, a small dose of self doubt is what keeps people from becoming over-confident and complacent.

However, it's when self doubt starts to negatively affect your mental wellbeing, or starts holding you back from accomplishing greater things, that it becomes a cause for worry.

Excessive self doubt may stem from low self-esteem and self-criticism. And when you think lowly about yourself, you may find it difficult to accept that you deserve your success. Some people may even self-sabotage and throw away opportunities because they feel like they're simply not good enough!

That's why it's important to start remedying the situation if you've been doubting yourself recently! And that begins with boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem first.

So, let's take a look at these 8 confidence hacks that can help you overcome self-doubt and accomplish greater things.

1. Let go of what others think about you

When we care too much about what others think about us, we hold ourselves back from doing so much. So many people would rather do nothing rather than take the chance and risk criticism or judgement.

It's much easier said than done, and so many people still struggle with this. However, if you really want to broaden your horizons and accomplish greater things, you'll have to learn how to let go of your fear of judgement!

2. Surround yourself with supportive people

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When you surround yourself with people that are positive and supportive, you'll not only get a boost of self-confidence, but it'll also become much easier for you to let go of what others think about you.

We've talked about the crabs in a bucket phenomenon before, and how it holds you back from becoming a better you. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and cheer you on, rather than with those who tear you down and judge you.

3. Recognize that you're your own worst critic

Above all, however, self-doubt is caused mostly by you being your own worst critic. People with low self-esteem and self-confidence constantly criticize and second-guess themselves at every move. You become your own worst enemy!

And that's why you should constantly remind yourself to practice self-compassion. Treat yourself like you would a friend, and recognize that your self-criticisms are (usually) an exaggeration. Practice being kind to yourself, no matter what.

4. Write down thoughts of self doubt

When your mind is racing and full of thoughts of self doubt, try to pause and take a quick break to write down these thoughts. For these moments, it's best to carry around a journal or a digital diary app for easy access wherever you are.

For one, writing down those thoughts can be therapeutic and soothing, much like being able to vent to a dear friend, but without fear of judgement.

In addition to that, writing them down allows you to look back on them in an objective manner and realize how unfounded or irrational your self-doubt was! Eventually, this may be able to help free you from your self doubt.

5. Appreciate your past achievements

What better way to prove your self doubt wrong than by bringing out the hard cold facts? When you're being harsh on yourself, it really helps to write down a list of what you've achieved in the past.

It could be anything you consider an achievement! Successfully picking up a new language, stepping out of your comfort zone, or winning a prize – these are all things you can write down.

For a more potent effect, write this list of achievements down in the same journal you've been venting your self doubt into. It helps to look at this list (and add to it!) whenever the self doubt hits.

With Journey, you can even add photos, videos and even audio to supplement your achievements list! Photos can be added from your phone or computer, or from a link, so you have all sorts of options at your fingertips.

An example of how an achievements list can look like Journey, with pictures attached
An example of how an achievements list can look like Journey, with pictures attached

6. Embrace your flaws

Not doubting yourself doesn't mean that you're flawless. In fact, admitting and embracing your flaws is a step towards overcoming your self doubt!

A confident person is able to accept their flaws and make steps towards changing for the better. On the other hand, someone who struggles with self doubt may be too hard on themselves or avoid thinking about their flaws entirely.

It may be painful, but sitting down to properly address your flaws and mistakes will help you become a better person. It's not easy to balance self-criticism and accepting your flaws, but it's definitely an important process to go through.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

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So many people fall into the trap of comparing themselves to others. We look at what others have accomplished and belittle our own, so we start doubting ourselves and our achievements.

But you need to remember that everyone's journey is unique, and our values and priorities are different! For example, someone may value interpersonal relationships while others may prioritize career progression above all.

Instead, try to focus on your own progress and your journey. Look at how far you've come instead of looking at others!

8. Find validation from within

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Getting support from others and from our past achievements can be powerful, but above it all, it's important to learn how to give yourself the validation that you need!

A great yet simple way to practice self-validation is using positive affirmations and mantras! It may seem shallow and superficial at first, but you'll be surprised at just how much words can transform your mindset and attitude towards things.

Here are just some positive affirmations and mantras that you can repeat to yourself to overcome self doubt.

  • "I am loved"
  • "I am perfect the way I am"
  • "Today, I will be the best version of myself"
  • "I will do something to step out of my comfort zone today"
  • "I am capable of accomplishing greater things"

Freeing yourself from self doubt is a process and a journey; it won't happen overnight! It's with consistent effort and support from both yourself and others that you will slowly learn how to overcome your self doubt and grow more confident!

However, some external help wouldn't hurt. Consider trying out some journaling programs and prompts that will help guide you through the process. Journey makes accessing journaling prompt programs easy with Journey Coach!

Programs like Understand and Love Yourself, Self-Confidence and Letting Go are all great programs that will help you learn how to love and be kinder to yourself. Simply enroll in a program of your choice and you will be sent daily journaling prompts that you can answer.

How Journey Coach programs look like and how they work
How Journey Coach programs look like and how they work

We wish you all the luck in overcoming your self doubt! You're capable of so much, and all that's left is for you to muster the courage to accomplish those goals.