Life has unpredictable twists and turns. That doesn't mean a little planning doesn't go a long way. Today I want to show you how to plan and organize your life to achieve your goals and get things done. I'll show you all the different tools that I use in a bullet journal.

A bullet journal lets you record, track, and organize your tasks, events. I have my Journey app as my bullet journal on my iPad and on my phone.

I love that it syncs my journal together!

Organize Your Life in a Calendar

View your goals in a calendar

The calendar in Journey opens at the monthly view and it's great because I like to see what I have to do in that month.

Using a calendar in Journey help me to look into  two weeks in advance.

I like to use this as a visual content calendar to see what activities I have planned for the next month or two, so I always try to plan out my schedule at least a month in advance.

Create a Goal Book

Next up, make your own goal book that can help you to plan out the details of your goals in Journey.

Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

Basically, you plan out big goals, goals that need several steps to reach in a journal.

For example, one of my goals this year is to redesign a website. That kind of goal is something that requires a lot of baby steps to get there, so in order to plan out something like that, I make my own goal book.

How it works is:

Write out your goal on top, then you write out why you want to achieve that goal. I think it's always important to know why you want to achieve something so that it motivates and fuels you to get there.

A goal book created in Journey on an iPad.

And then I set a deadline for myself. When do I want to achieve this goal by? Setting a deadline always helps me get things done because I realize if I don't set a deadline
I will just be lazy and relaxed and not work on it until I have to.

After that I brainstorm all the little action steps that I would need to reach this goal, and they don't have to be in specific order.

Add action items into a table.

For example: if I want to redesign a website, I would either have to search for a theme that I'd like to use for my blog. If I can't find a theme that I like I might have to find a web designer and web developer, and before I even go into that, I probably should decide a color palette or gather some photos for inspiration...

So there are all these baby steps that I need to take to reach that goal, but they're not necessarily like, "I have to get them all done now."

There's a sequence and there's a priority. After I kind of 'word vomit' all of the to-do
list items that I know I would have to do eventually, I list them out then I star the three most important items on that list: the three highest priority or the three immediate next actions that I would have to take in order to achieve that goal.

Start a goal book in Journey now.