In the depths of the night, you creep into my thoughts to haunt me of the flame we danced with, that are now in embers. Promises of love and magic beneath stars became hollow letters by daylight. But we can spark our own fire again. Until then, this article is for you – to heal your broken heart.

In this article, I'll be helping you to move on from your broken heart and heal your broken heart.

I have been journaling for over a decade and I believe it is the best tool that will help you be a better person, get to know yourself better and get to love yourself even better.

Be sure to read until the very end because that is where we are going to move on, move past this, and get through your broken heart.

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1. Ask Yourself, "How do I feel?"

I know it's not easy to have a broken heart.

You are hurt, you are upset, you feel betrayed and just all these feelings are flowing through you.

It is time to let them all out in a journal. Brain dump anything and everything that you feel.

Write it down.

The easier and the faster you're able to acknowledge and accept it, the sooner you will get to heal those emotions.

Because how will you heal if you don't even know what's going on, right?

So this is the first step. Be sure to take your time just write it all out.

It's okay, no one else has to see this. It's just between you and yourself and that is so liberating.

So just give yourself this time and space to be yourself and to feel all the feels. It's going to be okay.

2. Write a Letter of Forgiveness

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Write a letter of forgiveness to your ex or to yourself and you don't have to give this to them personally. It's mainly for you to keep so you can start processing your thoughts.

What are the things you wish to forgive?

Identify them and once you know what to forgive, you then can write why
it's time to forgive them.

You may not be ready to forgive yet because you're angry, it hurts and it's all just a big mess. But the sooner that you can identify these things the sooner you can heal as well.

Just because you've written this letter it doesn't mean that you automatically forgive them. I have written letters of forgiveness in the past and I still feel resentful at times and that's okay.

It's a process so give yourself the time and space. As the saying goes, time heals.

When we can take these actions, it will really help us to get there.

It'll give us a clearer a roadmap on how to get there.

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3. What did you learn about this relationship?

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It can be anything from learning things about yourself such as how patient you can be, how much you can love, or how much you can endure.

And also things maybe about how to deal with others better, or how to be more sensitive to others, and there can be so much so if you really reflect and look back at those things.

You'll see that the relationship was not a waste of time because you learn something from this experience that will help you be a better person.

It may be the end of relationship but your journey continues. The adventure continues.

You can move forward stronger and wiser because, you deserve it.

4. Complete the sentence

Complete the sentence: I am letting go of (blank) because (blank). You can complete this as many times as you want.

So this can be anything.

It can be you know physical items, mementos that you're keeping, or it can be feelings, or even just feelings of resentment.

Identifying exactly what it is that you want the let go will help you again to just carve that path to healing. At the same time, having a reason will keep you strong.

For example: I am letting go of the hurt and the anger and this intense motivation for revenge because I deserve to be happy and I deserve to be free and I deserve to just fall in love with something new.

So what do you want to let go?

And why is it time to let go of these things?

5. List your goals

So finally, this is where we move on. List your goals going forward.

So make a bucket list because you know what?

After a relationship, you actually realize that you have so much more time now.

You're a free woman or man.

And the time that you used to dedicate to spend with your significant other, you now have this time to spend on yourself.

Focus on your goals.

  • Maybe there's a new photography class that you've been wanting to do?
  • Maybe there's this particular recipe you've been wanting to try?
  • Maybe there's a place you've been wanting to travel?

Now you have the freedom.

Start a photo journal. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Everything that you missed about being single, you can now do because you have this freedom and you should make the most of it.

Have your own adventure.

You could also do self-care to take time to breathe maybe take yoga classes, wear face masks, just anything that would feel good in this moment.

List them down in your goals.

Go and do them because it's amazing. This is your time to love yourself and it's time to just take back that power.

All the love that you've been giving away, you can now take it back.

Love yourself. The more you love yourself, the more that you radiate, and the more kinder you are to people. The more you can give, the more generous you are.

So honestly it's just amazing to take this time and be there for yourself and be your own best friend.

One more thing, because you are awesome and you deserve to heal your broken heart and move on, I have an extra tip for you.

Extra Tip: Write a love letter to yourself

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As exactly what I said: Now is your time to pour the love that you've been giving to others to yourself.

Sometimes you can also feel like you're unlovable because someone left you or maybe things just did not work out. But it's time to find that love within yourself.

  • So what are the things that you love about yourself?
  • And what are the things that you appreciate about yourself?
  • Maybe it's your patience? Everything could be going wrong but you're still there.

You're staying strong so and you appreciate yourself for that.

Write it down and if at any time you feel lousy, you can always go to that letter again and realize how awesome you are.

Something that can even help you is to write down the things that you have accomplished that you're really proud of. So if not a trait maybe it's something that you did because that's more solid as well.

So for example, maybe you ran a marathon and you survived, you did not faint, you actually finished it.

Then write it down and remind yourself how awesome you are.

If you ever feel lonely, you can always look back at this and know that you are amazing and you are worthy of being loved.

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So those are my five tips to help you heal your heart and move on and one extra-special tip for you because you are special!

I want you to be amazing.

I want you to heal.

I want you to do the best that you can.

Start a healing journal in Journey now.