With Journey, capturing memories in a journal has never been easier. From breathtaking travel photos and candid family moments to motivational quotes and quick screenshots, our journals brim with countless images representing different facets of our lives. But as the number of these images grows, so does the challenge of reliving those moments in a meaningful and accessible way.

That's why we’re excited to unveil the latest feature in Journey — Smart Photo Organization.

What is Smart Photo Organization?

Journey has always been committed to helping you effortlessly preserve and cherish your memories. With the introduction of the smart photo organization feature, finding your past photos is now a breeze. No more endless scrolling through the media view in Journey. This feature uses advanced algorithms to analyze and categorize your photos into distinct types, making your digital journal more intuitive and enjoyable than ever.

Photo Categories

With smart photo organization, Journey now sorts your photos into similar categories. The simplicity of having your photos automatically categorized allows you to focus on what truly matters—reliving and sharing your favorite memories. Instead of sifting through a mix of images, you can now effortlessly navigate your curated collections. The intuitive interface ensures that your journal remains a delightful space, free from clutter and easily navigable.

Some of the photo categories include:

  • People
  • Landscape
  • Birthday
  • Food
  • Concert
  • Portraits
  • Bakery
  • Christmas
  • City

And that's not all—the algorithm is designed to recognize and sort a variety of other meaningful moments.

By categorizing your memories into these categories, Journey not only helps you keep everything organized but also transforms your digital journal into a vibrant, enjoyable space where every important moment is just a few taps away. Now you can dive straight into specific memories, relishing and sharing them as you wish, without any hassle.

Seamless Categorization By Media Types

Journey now automatically organizes your photos into categories using smart algorithms. These advanced systems sort your images by media types, such as photos, illustrations, documents, and screenshots. This intelligent categorization ensures that each type of media is grouped together, making it incredibly easy for you to find and manage your visual content. Whether you're looking for a specific travel photo, a family illustration, an important document, or a quick screenshot, Journey’s smart organization simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on reliving and sharing your most cherished memories.

The media types include:

  • Photos: Photographs captured with your camera.
  • Screenshots: Snapshots of your screen, often containing important information, fun moments, or memes.
  • Illustrations: Digital or scanned artwork, including drawings and graphic designs.
  • Documents: Images of text-heavy content like receipts, notes, or official papers.

Search For Photos

Journey has enhanced its search functionality by introducing a feature that suggests related photos when you perform a search within the app. This means that when you enter a search term, the app doesn't just return results that strictly match your query; it goes a step further by intuitively displaying photos that are closely related to your search term.

This capability leverages intelligent algorithms and context-awareness to identify and suggest images that might be relevant to what you are looking for. For example, if you search for "scenery," Journey might show not just journal entries titled "scenery," but also images taken related to scenery. This upgrade helps you reminisce and relive your experiences better than merely searching via journal text.

How Can I Use Smart Photo Organization?

Smart Photo Organization is exclusively available for Journey Cloud Sync and is not supported on Google Drive. This means you can only benefit from the smart categorization when using Journey Cloud Sync. For those using encrypted Journey Cloud Sync, rest assured that this feature is disabled because your data is encrypted.

This feature is enabled automatically within Journey Cloud Sync, so you do not need to do anything.

The Smart Photo Organization feature in Journey revolutionizes how you interact with your digital journal. By leveraging advanced algorithms to sort images into intuitive categories like photos, illustrations, documents, and screenshots, Journey enhances your ability to preserve and relive your memories effortlessly. No longer will you need to scroll endlessly through a chaotic mix of media. Instead, you can enjoy a clutter-free, easily navigable space that makes sharing and cherishing your favorite moments a seamless experience. With Journey’s commitment to intuitive design and user experience, your digital journal is not only a place to store memories but also a delightful platform to revisit and share them with ease.

Smart Photo Organization is available in the web app and coming soon to Android, iOS, and Mac.