Journey has always been committed to helping you effortlessly preserve and cherish your memories, ensuring that every special moment is stored and easily accessible whenever you wish to revisit it. This June, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two exciting new features to Journey Android: Smart Photo Organization and new print templates.

The Smart Photo Organization feature, initially launched on our web app, uses advanced algorithms to intuitively categorize your photos, making it easier than ever to relive your favorite moments without the hassle of endless scrolling.

Meanwhile, the new print templates offer a variety of beautifully designed layouts for you to print and share your memories in a tangible, elegant format. These enhancements are part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your journaling experience, adding more convenience and joy to the way you preserve and share life's precious moments.

Effortless Photo Categorization

With the introduction of Smart Photo Organization, finding your past photos is now a breeze. No more endless scrolling through the media view in Journey. This feature uses advanced algorithms to analyze and categorize your photos into meaningful moments and themes, making your digital journal more intuitive and enjoyable than ever.

Curated Collections

Journey now sorts your photos into similar categories, simplifying your experience and allowing you to focus on what truly matters—reliving and sharing your favorite memories. The intuitive interface ensures that your journal remains a delightful space, free from clutter and easily navigable.

Your photos are automatically organized into various categories, such as:

  • People
  • Landscape
  • Birthday
  • Food
  • Concert
  • Portraits
  • Bakery
  • Christmas
  • City
  • And many more meaningful moments...

Seamless Categorization By Media Types

Beyond thematic organization, Journey's smart algorithms categorize your media types into:

  • Photos: Photographs captured with your camera.
  • Screenshots: Snapshots of your screen, often containing important information, fun moments, or memes.
  • Illustrations: Digital or scanned artwork, including drawings and graphic designs.
  • Documents: Images of text-heavy content like receipts, notes, or official papers.

Enhanced Search Functionality

To complement Smart Photo Organization, Journey has enhanced its search functionality with a feature that suggests related photos when you perform a search within the app. This means that when you enter a search term, the app doesn't just return results that strictly match your query; it intuitively displays photos closely related to your search term.

This upgrade leverages intelligent algorithms and context-awareness to help you reminisce and relive your experiences better than merely searching via journal text.

Smart Photo Organization is exclusively available for Journey Cloud Sync users and is not supported with Google Drive. For those utilizing encrypted Journey Cloud Sync, rest assured that this feature is disabled because your data is encrypted.

The best part? This feature is enabled automatically within Journey Cloud Sync, so you do not need to do anything. Simply let Journey do the hard work while you enjoy the seamless experience of revisiting your cherished memories.

New Print Templates

We're excited to introduce a variety of new print templates for Journey Android, designed to add a special touch to your memories.

A journal/diary garden PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary map and location pin PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary national park PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary organizer PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary bright and cheerful yellow/white lines pattern PDF template printed by Journey.

These include an Organizer theme with a monthly calendar and week number, a Growing Up theme with cute baby icons, a romantic Couples theme, and an Atlas theme featuring a world map and pin on entry location.

There's also an elegant Wedding theme, a cheerful Positivity theme with bright borders, a cute Notebook theme, a National Park theme with park stamps, a Garden theme with vertical leaves on the edges, and a sophisticated Semper Opera theme inspired by the Semper Opera clock. Each template offers a unique way to beautifully print and share your journal entries.

A journal/diary classic PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary inspired by the Semper Opera Clock PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary cute toddler/baby icons PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary wedding PDF template printed by Journey. A journal/diary couple PDF template printed by Journey.

Smart Photo Organization and the diverse range of print templates, underscore Journey's unwavering dedication to enhancing your journaling experience. Our advanced Smart Photo Organization ensures your cherished memories are effortlessly categorized and easily accessible, freeing you from the hassle of endless scrolling.

Also, the beautifully designed print templates provide elegant and personalized layouts, allowing you to transform digital entries into tangible keepsakes.

Together, these enhancements bring more convenience, joy, and personalization to the way you preserve and share life's special moments, reinforcing our commitment to making your journaling journey as meaningful and enjoyable as possible.

These features will be available in Journey Android version 5.4.2C.