The Journey app is back with another impressive update this March 2024, pushing the boundaries of digital journaling once more. With the latest release, version 5.3.0, users can expect a lineup of exhilarating new features alongside major bug fixes - all aimed at enriching the digital journaling experience. The highlights of this update include the debut of shared web links, the groundbreaking Odyssey AI, and a revitalized app design. Take a closer look at what these updates entail for your digital journaling adventures.

We are excited to unveil the shared web links feature, a significant addition initially available on our web app since February 5, 2024, and now introduced to our iOS app. This feature empowers users to create a shareable web link for any entry in their Journey Cloud Sync. By creating a shared web link, you can:

  • Craft personalized links with custom titles and descriptions, and secure them with a passcode for privacy.
  • Effortlessly share your journal entries with friends and family.
  • Provide loved ones with direct access to your entries through a browser, streamlining the sharing and viewing process.

This link can be shared with friends and family, giving them access to view your journal entries in full detail. To safeguard your privacy, you have the option to add a passcode, ensuring that your journal remains accessible only to those you truly trust.

Creating a shared link is simple and secure. Here is a quick guide:Ensure you've set up a Journey Cloud Sync drive (unencrypted).

  1. Create an entry you wish to share.
  2. Find the entry in your timeline, tap the "⋮" icon, and select "Create a Web Link".
  3. Add a title, description, and optionally, a passcode.
  4. Click "Next" to generate your shared link.
  5. To delete a shared link, navigate to Settings > Data & Cloud Services > Selected Journey Cloud Sync > Shared web links > press ⛔.

Odyssey AI

Say hello to Odyssey AI, your advanced journaling assistant that leverages the latest AI technology to analyze your journal's content for context and sentiment. First introduced on January 1, 2024, on our web app, Odyssey AI now graces the iOS app, designed to offer personalized insights and answer questions about your mood patterns, life themes, and progress towards goals.

Here's how you can access Odyssey AI in Journey iOS app:

  1. Set up Journey Cloud Sync Drive in the settings.
  2. Create at least 10 journal entries to provide a rich dataset for Odyssey AI to analyze.
  3. Open the Journey app and tap on the Odyssey AI
    in the app bar to access the AI.
  4. Agree to the Terms of Usage before interacting with Odyssey AI to understand how your data will be analyzed and protected.
  5. Ask questions about your journal entries to receive insights and reflections from Odyssey AI, such as inquiring about mood patterns or themes in your writing.

Revamped Design

The latest version also ushers in a refreshed design, optimizing user interface elements for a more intuitive experience. The main menu now showcases an updated app bar with your profile avatar and easy access to Odyssey AI. The cloud services options have moved to the "Profile" sheet for better organization, alongside other user-related settings.

This March 2024 update with version 5.3.0 of the Journey iOS app aims to significantly elevate your journaling experience, whether through secure sharing, gaining deeper self-insight, enjoying a rejuvenated interface, or experiencing enhanced syncing capabilities. We're thrilled for you to discover these updates and continue your personal journey with Journey.