Spring is right on the horizon, and what better way to usher in the season of new beginnings than with some spring cleaning?

But we're not just talking about spring cleaning your home; we're also talking about zooming out and spring cleaning your life! It's time to get rid of the clutter in all aspects of your life, so here are 7 organizing tips to help you feel lighter and more stress-free.

Why You Should Spring Clean Your Life

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But you may ask – why bother? Spring cleaning your life can take up to a whole day of effort, but there are so many benefits that come with doing so.

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

We've mentioned this earlier, but organizing your life can reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life. Excess clutter (for example, a messy room or an overflowing to-do list) can make you feel overwhelmed by the chaos.

And so, decluttering can help you feel more in control of your busy everyday life.

2. Boosts productivity and creativity

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Once your surroundings and your mind are neat and tidy, it becomes much easier to hunker down and get things done. After all, chaos and clutter makes it more difficult to concentrate and stay focused.

In addition to that, a clearer mind also allows you to become more creative and pump out more ideas! If you're interested in the arts or in a creative field, it's definitely even more important that you spring clean your life more frequently.

3. Higher self-esteem

Spring cleaning your life often means that you throw away or cut off things that make you unhappy or no longer serve you. This includes relationships, social media, clothes and more, as we'll discuss more later.

When you clear out these things that are weighing you down, you'll emerge feeling happier, lighter and more confident!

7 Organizing Tips To Spring Clean Your Life

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Those are but 3 of the many, many benefits that come with decluttering. So, without further ado, let's take a look at 7 organizing tips that will help you spring clean your life.

1. Look through your social media

For most of us, social media plays a huge role in our lives. if you spend a good amount of your day on social media, social media should definitely be in your organizing checklist.

Here are the things you should be looking out for:

  • Unfollow inactive accounts or people you no longer want to stay in contact with
  • Unfollowing accounts that make you feel bad about yourself or no longer bring you joy
  • Mute or block any words or terms that may upset you

And, on a positive side, you should consider following accounts that put out content that make you happy. After all, social media should bring you joy, not unhappiness.

2. Do a digital declutter

Just like social media, much of our lives have gone digital. Just as we often spring clean our physical space, we should also organize our digital space as well.

Go through your digital devices and consider the following:

  • Delete apps or programs that you no longer use
  • Back up important chat logs, emails, photos and videos
  • Delete old photos and videos that are no longer important to you
  • Re-organize the icons on your desktop, mobile or tablet

3. Do a calendar audit

Life can feel like a juggling act of responsibilities sometimes. Commitments with family, friends, work, school, hobbies... there's just so much to do and so much to handle. This, too, can be a form of clutter.

Thus, it's time to spring clean your calendar and organize your commitments as well!

If you're not already in the habit of using a planner, consider investing in a digital planner, or at least in a monthly calendar spread template. This will be incredibly useful for you to sort out all your monthly commitments.

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After you've got them all laid out in front of you, go through each of them and decide whether it really brings you joy or value. Identify a few that are truly important to you and reschedule, adjust or remove the rest.

This organizing tip will help you focus on what truly matters to you so that you can give your 100% in these select areas, rather than spreading yourself thin on too many things at once.

5. Clean out your physical space

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And of course, no spring cleaning session is complete without decluttering your physical space as well! A clean room and workspace will do you wonders in terms of your productivity and mental wellness.

Here are some organizing tips that can make cleaning your physical space a little easier:

  1. Take out everything (in your closet, desk, room, etc.) and place them on the floor
  2. Clean your desk/closet/room with a wet cloth
  3. From there, sort out items in varying levels of importance
  4. Throw out the items that you no longer use, store the items that you might need to use, and keep your most-used items in an easy-to-access space

6. Re-evaluate your New Years Resolutions

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If you started the year by setting New Year's Resolutions, the beginning of spring might be a great chance for you re-evaluate and review your progress on the goals you've set.

Have you been on track with your action plans? There is no shame if you haven't, but if so, then you may need to re-evaluate your goals and make it a little more achievable!

Reviewing and re-evaluating your goals is a healthy way to stay motivated, achieve your goals and feel good for succeeding!

7. Organize your finances

Have you been keeping track of your budget and finances for the past 2 months of 2022? If not, then do take this spring cleaning opportunity to start!

Organizing your finances helps you to save money, reach your financial goals and feel more put-together in general. So, do consider getting your hands on a budget planner that can help you spring clean your budget and reshape your financial habits.

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All in all, we hope that you're looking forward to spring just as much as we are! It's time to spring forward with joy and seize the day.