In order to be great, you must be thankful – full of greatness and gratitude. Having a habit of being thankful creates the space that allows you to be grateful.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions that you can invoke. When you are in a state of appreciation, you realize you have everything you want and need now.

And what gratitude actually does is it creates a state of abundance.

A state of abundance attracts more abundance into your life.

When you are saying to the higher power that you have a lot, you then experience more of having a lot.

And I found in my life the more I'm grateful for this present moment the more abundant shows up in my life when I stop looking at what I can get on, what I can gain, and what I can do.

In fact, things flow more in my life when I'm grateful for:

  • What I have right now...
  • My current level of growth right now...
  • The experiences that I'm experiencing right now, whether they're bad or good...

I choose to appreciate them because I know later on there's going to be something that I can learn from or there's something that I can look for in those situations that can bring forth the greatest version of me.

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30 Day Happiness Challenge

Here are some of the things you can be thankful today:

  1. Your parents
  2. Good health and wellbeing
  3. Weekends
  4. Home cooked meal
  5. Your favorite song
  6. Good eyesight
  7. The ability to dream
  8. A good job
  9. A stable income
  10. The ability to dream
  11. Good friends
  12. Write a journal
  13. Hearing some good news
  14. Family vacations
  15. Pets
  16. Breathing fresh air
  17. Freedom to vote
  18. Chocolate
  19. The ability to read
  20. A bed to sleep
  21. A loving partner
  22. Nature
  23. A cup of coffee
  24. Electricity
  25. Fresh running water
  26. The ability to imagine
  27. Sunrise & sunset
  28. Laughter
  29. Spell checker
  30. Being able to drive
  31. Having a passion
  32. Read new books
  33. When a stranger smiles at you
  34. Act of kindness
  35. Art
  36. Holidays
  37. Freedom of speech
  38. Rainbows
  39. Tears
  40. Moon and the stars
  41. The ability to listen
  42. Ocean waves
  43. Music
  44. Warm clothing
  45. Internet connection
  46. Hiking
  47. Forgiveness
  48. Gratitude
  49. Trust
  50. A cup of tea
  51. A handwritten card
  52. Toe beans
  53. Clean bedsheets
  54. The ability to exercise
  55. A roof over your head
  56. Take a nap
  57. Learn new things
  58. A time to practice meditation
  59. Listen to bird sound
  60. Visit new places

What are the things you are thankful for today? Write them down in Journey.