When was the last time you made the effort to tell your dad "Thank you!" for all that he's done for you?

As we grow older and get more caught up in the rush of our own age and lives, we tend to forget that our moms and dads are growing older too. Some of us see our dads as a beacon of light in our lives. Some of us do not have the strongest of relationships with them. Some of our dad's have provided for us, but not much else. And there are some dads who have sacrificed their comfort and dreams to give their families a better life.

No matter where you are on this spectrum, consider taking the chance this Father's Day to offer a word of thanks. Showing gratitude does not have to come in form of grand gestures or lavish gifts, but from words of reassurance and simple acts of love. If you dig a little deeper, rest assured that there will be something you would be grateful for with your dad.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this would be a perfect time to start thinking about how you can express your gratitude for your dad and show him how much you care about him. Here are 6 simple, but significant ways you can show your appreciation to your dad.

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7 Ways you can Show your Appreciation for your Dad this Father's Day

1. Cook him his favorite meal

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Food not only nourishes your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and energy for you to function, but also brings comfort and creates the opportunity for people to bond. Take note of what your dad likes and does not like, and cook a meal that you are sure will make both his heart and stomach full. There is nothing that says "I love you" more than the effort that goes into preparing a home-cooked meal for a loved one. You could rally your family members to help you if you have some trouble in the kitchen, or even spend quality time with your dad cooking together, this is up to you!

So put your cooking skills, and how much you know about your dad's favorite food, to the test and prepare a meal for him this Father's Day. You could even spruce it up a little more by preparing a 3-course breakfast, lunch or dinner to his liking and add a little extra love by printing a menu card listing whatever you've prepared. Like they say, "The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach"!

2. Make a memory video of photos and videos you have together

Take a trip down memory lane with your dad and family by collating a handful of photos and videos, and string them into a memory reel for your dad to watch.

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Find photos from different stages of your life, important milestones that your dad helped you through, family birthday celebrations, vacations etc. and create a montage that you can all sit back, relax and watch on Father's Day. There is no better way to reminisce and look back at memories that have defined and added color to both yours and your dad's lives.

With a good mix of photos, videos, a background track to compliment your montage, all that's left to do is grab some snacks with your dad and the rest of your family, and watch what you've put together. Before playing the video, you could also set some time aside to make a small speech to express your gratitude to your dad. This gesture is bound to pull at his heartstrings.

3. Make handmade card with a list of things you are grateful for about him as a gift

Don't fret! You do not have to be an artist or proficient in arts and crafts to make a card for your dad. Your love and appreciation for him will come through with a handmade card, no matter how intricate or simple the design turns out. So forget about heading to the store for a card this time round, and trust your own creativity and art skills. This will be so much more special because it will be one of a kind. Its most definitely the effort that counts.

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In the card, include a list of things that you are grateful for about him. Take some time to reflect on the qualities and traits that you admire in your dad, and write them down. You could also look back at specific memories or events that he has helped you through, and write those down as a note of thanks to your dad and his support.

Apart from hand-made cards, you could also explore making "Best Dad” certificates or decorating and customizing a photo frame and gifting it with a photo as other DIY ideas.

4. Plan something outdoors with him

This Father's Day, why not switch things up by planning a fun outdoor activity that you could do with your dad? You do not have to a nature or outdoor enthusiast to enjoy something outdoors. While staying indoors in the comfort of your own home for a cozy celebration is also lovely, taking some time to plan a day out will make your dad feel appreciated and prioritized. And you will both have fun at the same time.

There a range of activities you can plan; go on a picnic, head out for a short camping trip, fishing, taking an adventurous bike ride through mountain trails. You could even surprise Dad by renting a dream car of his to go on a drive together.

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If you want something a little more laid back or fancy, you could even consider treating your dad to wine-tasting, or going bar-hopping to try different brews of beer. No matter what, whether you have just a couple hours on hand or the entire day ahead, planning a day out or more hands-on activities would definitely spark memories that you will both cherish, and create new ones for you to look back on in the future. Something you try this year might even become a Father’s Day tradition that would become a yearly affair!

5. Create a playlist of songs he would enjoy

Have you heard your dad belting out the lyrics to his favorite songs in the shower, or breaking out into a little dance whenever a song he likes turns up on the television or radio?

Take note of these songs, and put together a playlist for him to tune into. He now has a personalized, curated list of songs that he is sure to enjoy and can listen to anytime. In this mix of songs, throw in a couple of songs that encapsulate how you feel about him as your dad as well. The songs will remind him of how much you appreciate him. This is indeed a simple and fuss-free gift idea, but the effort that goes into paying attention to and taking note of the songs he likes, and putting it all together for him will not go unnoticed.

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6. Vocalize your gratitude and give him a hug!

A lot of us may feel a little awkward or shy when it comes to communicating our feelings for our dad. But this Father's Day, muster up a little bit of courage to tell your dad that you truly are grateful for him.

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This need not be an elaborate, pre-planned speech, but something that comes truly from the heart will leave an impact on your dad. If you have the intention of expressing your sincerest feelings and gratitude, the words will flow.

If you're looking for a way to express your gratitude for your dad through a heartfelt gesture, consider gifting him with a Journey Gift Card!

Journey Gift Card tiers that you can select from.
Journey Gift Card tiers that you can select from.

Journey Gift Cards can be the perfect way for you to show your appreciation in words, and also to remind your Dad that he can indeed put self-care first. You can type a personal message to be sent with your Journey Gift Card, and with a font of your choice!

Add a personal, heartfelt message to your dad with a Journey Gift Card!
Add a personal, heartfelt message to your dad with a Journey Gift Card!

An email with a redemption link will be delivered to your dad's inbox. Clicking the email will bring him to the card where he can read your personal message and redeem his brand new membership.

Showing your appreciation for your dad this Father's Day does not need any grand gestures or lavish gifts. It is truly the thought and effort that counts. Make your dad's Father's Day memorable with these ideas. They're simple and can seem ordinary, but we assure you that it will pull at his heartstrings.

Happy Father's Day!