Self-esteem is like a castle that sits atop six strong pillars and serves as a foundation for your life. Without high self-esteem, you'll have trouble in every aspect of your life. You'll wonder why your personal relationships are failing and why you feel disconnected from reality.

The two main components of self-esteem are basic confidence to face the challenges of life and a sense of being worthy of happiness. Whether you realize it or not, you deserve to be happy. You have every right to voice your opinions, wants and needs. Your thoughts and ideas are important and everything about you is unique.

Poor self-esteem not only inhibits thoughts, it actually distorts it!

When your self-esteem level is high you have the ability to take on life's fiercest challenges and you know how to trust your own thoughts ideas and direction. You can adapt to change and not take what others say to you personally

Your self-esteem is influenced by your actions and your actions are influenced by yourself esteem. You can think of it like a feedback loop that never turns off. To improve your own self-esteem you must practice and live the six pillars.

Summary of the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

1. Living consciously: Being aware of the power of your thoughts and how your behaviour affects yourself and others.

2. Self-acceptance: Knowing that you are bound to experience lapses and setbacks along with your successes and leaps forward.

3. Self-responsibility: Accepting accountability for all that you do.

4. Self-assertiveness: Knowing your needs and being able to express them clearly, directly, and calmly to others.

5. Living purposefully: Feeling that what you do is meaningful for you.

6. Personal integrity: Knowing your values and always aiming to live up to them.

Start a journal and build your self-esteem through self-reflections in Journey now.