What are your Sundays like? Do you use them to catch up with all the chores you haven't had the time to complete during the week? Or is it a sacred day for complete rest and relaxation?

Well, if you haven't already made Sundays the latter, it might just be time for you to give Self Care Sundays a try!

What is Self Care Sunday?

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The idea behind Self Care Sundays is to dedicate one day out of the week to self care and focus on yourself completely.

But why Sundays? Well, Sundays are usually the day where you have the most time for yourself! Most people tend to catch up with their chores and household responsibilities on Saturdays... which just leaves Sundays for ultimate relaxation.

Plus, Self Care Sundays will also help you to get recharged and rejuvenated just in time for the week ahead. Even our phones need to be recharged in order to perform well, so it's important to give yourself a well-deserved break as well!

Dedicating Sundays to self care will help you become more productive, more motivated and much happier in the days ahead.

What should I do on Self Care Sundays?

When it comes to self care in general, it's important that you think about what self care means to you. Different people have different definitions of self care, and each of them benefit from different self care activities!

7 Self Care Sunday ideas for you to try

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1. Enjoy slower mornings

Mornings are such an important part of your day. What you feel in the mornings can easily stretch into the rest of the day, so it's crucial that you take mornings slow on your Self Care Sunday!

Take things slowly when you wake up. There's no need to jump out of bed instantly, rush to get dressed and make breakfast. Let yourself bask in the comfort of your bed, the morning sun and appreciate the new day!

(And if you do end up sleeping in, well, you deserve to catch up on those Zs after a long week!)

2. Take a hike or a long walk

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We all know how beneficial exercise is to our mental and physical health, but sometimes, it can just be difficult to muster the energy to get some exercise in on a Sunday. In that case, why not take things easy and just go for a hike or a walk instead?

Going for a long walk allows you to spend time in nature, soak in the sun and get some much-needed movement in! Take this chance to breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the sights around you, and just be.

3. Meet up with your loved ones

For those of you who benefit from social self-care, schedule a meal or a day out with the people you love!

Many of us are way too busy during the week to properly spend time with friends and family, so take advantage of your free time on Sundays to meet up with them to catch up and have fun together.

Do also take some pictures and videos with them! On difficult and stressful days, just taking a look at fond memories you've captured with your loved ones can put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

4. Dedicate Self Care Sundays to alone time

If socializing on your off days isn't quite your thing, then why not dedicate Sundays to spend time with yourself? If you've been burnt out from socializing all week at work, some much-needed alone time will rejuvenate you like no other.

Take this chance to also bask in silence! Let yourself sit in the silence, close your eyes, and truly connect with yourself. Reflect on the past week and give yourself a nice, mental cuddle.

5. Journal

Speaking of connecting with yourself, the best way to do that is journaling! The benefits of journaling are numerous, but it is overall a great form of self care and self reflection.

It is entirely up to you to decide on what you want to journal about! Some people enjoy writing in a gratitude journal, others simply use their journals to reflect on the week or vent their feelings. Just follow your heart and let your pen flow!

If you're not one for writing with pen and paper, consider downloading a digital diary app – preferably one that is cross-platform like Journey! This way, you can journal on whatever device you prefer, whether it be your laptop, your mobile device, or even on your watch!

Use Journey across multiple platforms, from its desktop app, to iPad, iOS, Android and Huawei
Use Journey across multiple platforms, from its desktop app, to iPad, iOS, Android and Huawei

Furthermore, Journey has a bunch of other features to make digital journaling fun! Upload pictures, videos and even audio onto your journal entries, change the color of your words, and much more.

Create fun, dynamic and colorful journal entries for Self Care Sunday using Journey
Create fun, dynamic and colorful journal entries for Self Care Sunday using Journey

6. Engage in your hobbies

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We're so busy during the work week that our hobbies and passions often fall to the wayside. Self Care Sunday is the time to finally dive into those hobbies of yours!

Being able to engage in our hobbies helps to keep us balanced and brings us joy. Life isn't all about working, so let yourself indulge in some fun whenever you can.

7. Plan for the week ahead

For those of us who like to stay organized and ever-ready, Self Care Sundays can also be a day of cleaning up and organization! Take about 15 mins out of your day to sit down and plan for the week ahead.

It may be helpful to schedule any appointments on your calendar so that you can organize the rest of your week around these appointments. You may also want to create any grocery or errand lists in advance, so that you're more than prepared when the day comes around

Create a grocery list or to-do list using Journey on Self Care Sundays
Create a grocery list or to-do list using Journey on Self Care Sundays

You may also want to write a weekly to-do list! Try to think of 2 to 3 main goals you want to achieve this week. Maybe you want to finish that knitting project you've been working on, or perhaps you want to resolve to knock off work on the dot this week.

Setting your goals and planning your schedule in advance can put you at peace and make you feel more prepared to dive into the busy week ahead!

Above it all, self care shouldn't just be a one-time, one-day affair! In fact, it's important to practice self care regularly in different ways. Being kind to yourself, practicing daily positive affirmations, taking regular breaks – these are all small ways in which you can care for your mental and physical wellness.

We hope that this article has inspired you to take a Self Care Sunday, and given you some helpful ideas!